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If you dream of living a great life being happy and successful, you are not alone. We all are working hard to live it. There is so much you can do it yourself while you also need the best possible circumstances. That's why you need to articulate your life strategy!!


Act of Travel is very enthusiastic and eager to get you great opportunities and maximum support. AOT-Dialogue programs, coaching and consultancy mentor your ideas and experiences to help you create fairness and balance in your journey.

Stuck trying to figure out what career to go into? Need help deciding what to do with your life? Dying to travel, but don't know where to start? Or just need a listening ear...

AOT - Dialogue initiative brings a structured approach and a strong methodology to its programs that assist people all across the world in their endeavors, giving everything they need to deal with uncertainty and start living a boundless life.


Group Therapy

Dialogue with Listening Ear

Listening Ear provides support to help everyone achieve their best possible mental health. Most of the time you just need someone to listen, without judgment or advise, you just need to get out of your anxious mind, out of your system. We know that no matter what situation you are into, you can be at your best and shine under any amount of pressure and anxiety.


The Path of


Embrace solitude on your solo trip. To leave alone for a month or a year just to travel somehow feels unattainable, like a piece of expensive art we'll admire but never buy. Practicality holds most of us back. So does fear. Join us for a deep dive dialogue on the tension that exists between the need for solitude amidst the clutter and stress of normal life. 

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Reinventing Self is an art. It is a process. It is not a quick fix or an overnight solution. A solid methodological approach is a prerequisite for high-quality results. You are able to evolve and transform yourself only after reinventing self with CARE. This therapy encapsulates the essence of INDIA's globally renowned practice of animism "breath, spirit & oneness.

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