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Playshop for the Traveler in You!!

Embrace yourself on this journey to nowhere!

This playshop enables the traveler to evolve in their act of travel byways of contemplation, wellness, music, courage, participation & self-realisation.

Let’s be clear, AOT Playshop is not a conference, networking event, spiritual retreat or work summit. Your participation in Playshops atmosphere to celebrate personal freedom, creative thinking, liberation from technology, a true vacation from busy-ness, and a space from the working world where we can all once again just Be!


Think of a day where you get really really weird, laugh uncontrollably, sing during meals, dance a lot, perform and participate in activities, call each other nicknames, play super super hard and you still leave feeling incredible, connected and even healthier than when you arrived….


Corporate Workshop

6:00 AM Meet and greet your Aot Coach and proceed to Aot Action Center. 6:30 AM departure from the mentioned pickup point in your ticket. You would surely not like to miss the bus!!

Reporting & Departure


AOT is all about trying new things, embracing your inner child, being vulnerable, balancing energy levels and giving ourselves the chance to pause.

Before lunch, you acquire the spirit of valour and heroism through participation and true immersion in your act. After breakfast at 9:00 AM you get engaged in activities like Laughter Yoga, Slackline, Snatch the pebble and understand how to conjure Mushin in everyday life.  

Playshops & Deep Dive Electives

Work Life Balance.jpeg

At 2:00 PM we divide our group into two to four different color teams. AOTians compete in a series of outrageously ridiculous, fantastically absurd, wild and amazing games, relay races, scavenger hunts and challenges. Spend the afternoon getting messy, silly and competing harder than you did as a kiddo.

Oneness of Goal

meditation Beginners-Guide.jpg

You focus more after playing and exerting yourself in a variety of ways.

In today's dynamic world, digital communication contributes to social isolation and is often blamed for the reduction in empathy. The Evening starts with an E.

Also, the main reason most people lack empathy today is a disconnection from “source” energy, the scientifically proven quantum field connecting everything and everyone, including you (all points in time and space are connected).

At 6:15 PM sunset time we do a guided meditation for Positive Transformation where we focus on transformation from Social Status to Social Awareness, from not being Judgemental towards being Critical, from a Tourist to a Traveler which will help to bring in a work-life balance.

Spirit of AOT


On arrival at Aot Action Center 8:00 AM which should be a 1hr 15 min drive, nutritious & quality breakfast is served which is a great way to fuel up until we connect with our participants.

Breakfast & Group Introduction


Camp lunch at 1:00 PM is the fuel that sustains AOTians and staff throughout their action-packed day at our playshop. Our kitchen serves delicious meals, using low fat, low salt, and high fiber ingredients.

The entire AOT community eats together family-style to foster friendships and connections among the participants and staff. Lunch is also a time of great AOT spirit – songs and cheers fill the air until we prepare for our next act. 

Camp Lunch


When the magic light falls at 5:00 PM we get on a contemplative photo drive to help you cultivate your awareness of the beauty that surrounds you at all times! You will be presented with processes to help you align yourself with mindful perception, then integrate your mind, eyes, camera + heart to create inspiring imagery to fuel your soul. 

The good old "tapri wali chai" -- tea from a roadside and biscuits will help you make the most of your evening.

Contemplative Photo Drive


No matter how big or small a trip, travel can create long-lasting memories. All of those experiences and the memories they create also help shape your personality.  

At AOT Bonfire we try everything to maximise experience - all the masks fall away, and you enjoy being vulnerable with others.

At 8:00 PM we end this playshop after a bonfire, barbeque, singing and playful evening. 

This playshop concludes after we reach you back to the mentioned drop off point by 9:30 PM.

The Bonfire Singer

Inclusions Only, 

No Exclusions

  • Pure Vegetarian Meals as per the schedule

  • To and Fro Transportation from the reporting point. 

  • Playshop Activities

  • Post AOT Experience Material & Travel Kit

  • AOT One Year Superior Membership 

  • Experienced & Evolved Act Co-ordinator

  • Blessings & Best Wishes

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